Facility Cleaning

Wetrok for Facility Cleaning Providers

Businesses specialising in facility cleaning will find a professional and reliable partner in us

On the strength of our broad spectrum of services, machines, equipment, and cleaning products, you will be able to achieve perfect cleaning results, provided you use the right methodology. 

Our experts will offer valuable advice during the procurement phase, and will support you during the planning, calculation, and organisation of your cleaning workflows. Based on cleaning concepts developed in close cooperation with you, we will support you during the evaluation phase when you are looking for appropriate cleaning methods, thus contributing to your quality assurance processes. Our efficient service organisation will give you the security of knowing that you will always be able to keep the performance promises you make to your own clients.

Our cleaning schedules are structured very clearly, which means that non-native cleaning personnel will have no problem following instructions. As a rule, we concentrate on easy handling as early as during the development phase of our machines and products.

At Wetrok Academy, we offer skill level-appropriate training for your workforce to optimise their performance.

Sweeping / Vacuum sweeping

Removal of loose, dry dirt using mechanical means from hard floor coverings in outdoor areas or from textile floor coverings indoors

Dry/brush vacuum cleaning

Removal of dry, loose dirt using mechanical means from textile or non-textile floor coverings.

Use brush vacuum cleaning for highly textured floor coverings.

Spray cleaning

Removal of adhesive dirt from smooth or lightly textured floor coverings using mechanical/chemical means.

Choose the right pad for the floor covering.

Wet mopping

Manual removal of adhesive dirt from water-resistant floor coverings using mechanical/chemical means

Direct method: for low-level dirt Suitable for the Hopital system and for bucket unit/mop