Hotel & Gastro

Wetrok for gastronomy and hotel industry

Professional dirty distance and cleansing works are in the Hotellerie and in the catering trade of central importance.

Not without reason hotels and gastronomic facilities are controlled by the official food supervision. With non-observance of the hygiene regulations guests and employees can fall ill and therefore the existence of your equipment be endangered. Nevertheless, besides, not only the hygiene in the kitchen, but also the general space hygiene, equipment hygiene and personal hygiene plays an important role.

Discover our different cleansing draughts and protect to yourselves thus an optimum hygiene of your rooms. Besides, our certified assortment can be tuned according to your needs and wishes quite individually.

To dip hygiene and disinfection even deeper into the topic and to be able to guarantee in the long term therefore the standard of your equipment, we offer with our Wetrok Academy different individual courses on site.


Removal using mechanical means of loose dirt from smooth to slightly textured floor coverings – without dispersing dust. The floor covering remains dry.

Dry/brush vacuum cleaning

Removal of dry, loose dirt using mechanical means from textile or non-textile floor coverings.

Use brush vacuum cleaning for highly textured floor coverings.

Wet mopping

Manual removal of adhesive dirt from water-resistant floor coverings using mechanical/chemical means

Direct method: for low-level dirt Suitable for the Hopital system and for bucket unit/mop

Spray mopping

Manual removal of low-level and easily dislodged dirt from water-resistant and water-sensitive floor coverings using mechanical/chemical means.