Duomatic Endurer


Item-No.: 50370

This high-performance cleaning machine can carry up to 80 litres of fresh water. Just one tankful is enough to give even the largest areas a glossy finish. The motorised Duomatic Endurer moves almost on its own. The Duomatic Endurer can run on lithium iron phosphate batteries (sold separately).

comfortable touch display
Large, coloured, clear overview. Over six control buttons make the machine ready to operate in a flash. They manage the water volume, brush pressure and dosage, and monitor the load status of the battery. You can also switch to ECO mode and benefit from numerous additional functions.

correctly dosed, the easy way
The automatic dosage system ensures the correct proportion of water and chemicals. The pleasing result is a clean floor without streaks. You'll also be delighted about saving money and protecting the environment from unnecessary chemical usage.

Lithium iron phosphate batteries (an option)
The Duomatic Endurer draw their power from lithium iron phosphate batteries, which provide for consistently high performance. Wetrok lithium batteries are built for a long machine life.

Brush handling at the push of a button
The brushes can be attached at the push of a button and ejected after cleaning is complete. It doesn't get any easier that this. And never again will you have to get your hands dirty with used pads or brushes.

Available models:

  • 50370 Duomatic Endurer 60
  • 50371 Duomatic Endurer 60 SL*
  • 50374 Duomatic Endurer Dosing 60
  • 50375 Duomatic Endurer Dosing 60 SL*
  • 50378 Duomatic Endurer 75
  • 50379 Duomatic Endurer 75 SL*
  • 50382 Duomatic Endurer Dosing 75
  • 50383 Duomatic Endurer Dosing 75 SL*

*with safety light

Consisting of:

  • Internal charger
  • Quick-Refill system
  • Brush housing complete
  • Suction nozzle complete
  • Sealing lip front NR
  • Working lip rear NR
  • Bumper and splash guard
  • Dosage system complete (for item no. 50374, 50375, 50382 and 50383)
  • Safety light (SL) (for item no. 50371, 50375, 50379 and 50383)

Available Endurer movies
Duomatic Endurer products movie (YouTube) Duomatic Endurer service movie (YouTube) Duomatic Endurer service movie before every use (YouTube) Duomatic Endurer service movie after each use (YouTube) Duomatic Endurer service movie do maintenance when needed (YouTube)


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