The professional resin remover for indoor sports facilities


Do you clean indoor sports facilities where handball is played? Then the floor will almost certainly suffer from resin stains and resin residue. The resins and bonding agents used in handball are difficult to remove from the floor. More often than not, the resin remover you use only removes one type of resin – but there are several different types of resin used in handball.

Wetrok has thought long and hard about this problem, resulting in the development of Wetrok Reshine Sport, which is a universal resin remover with a unique formula.

There are three reasons why Wetrok Reshine Sport outshines all other competing products:

  1. Wetrok Reshine Sport removes all resin types (tree resin and water-soluble bonding agents).
  2. Wetrok Reshine Sport does not corrode field markings.
  3. Wetrok Reshine Sport also removes black scuff marks.

How to remove resin using Reshine Sport

Potential areas of application:

  • Indoor sports facilities
  • Gymnasiums
  • Handball halls
  • Changing rooms
  • Equipment storage facilities

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