Insights into the working world


National Future Day was celebrated on 10 November. Companies around Switzerland opened their doors to give young people practical insight into careers and occupational fields. Wetrok also participated with a varied interactive programme for young talents.

On Thursday 10 November, many children made their way to work instead of school. Girls and boys from Year 5 to Year 7 were invited to come to the workplace with their parents or other people close to them. Eleven young people decided to spend the day at Wetrok.

Moving away from rigid gender roles and shaping their own future.
On Future Day, young people switch sides and obtain practical insight into professions and different working environments. In line with the slogan “Changing sides”, girls and boys get a glimpse of unfamiliar areas and are able to form an initial impression of different professions. The goal of Future Day is to encourage young people to focus on their own interests and talents when choosing a profession, apart from rigid ideas about gender or other prejudices. In this way, Future Day encourages equality between men and women in their choice of profession.

A highly interactive programme
Wetrok put together a programme for the young talents that allowed them to actively shape their day.

In the morning, the girls and boys were given insight into the development of cleaning machines and produced a cube using the 3D printer with professional guidance and support, among other activities. The participating schoolchildren were also able to assist with small soldering tasks. Then they visited the customer service department, where they shadowed a customer order from A to Z.

After lunch, the programme continued with a tour of machine assembly and an estimating contest – the children had to guess how many litres of water the tank of a cleaning machine can hold. The next item on the agenda was a visit to the chemicals laboratory. After a brief introduction, the children were given a chance to produce their own dishwashing detergent, even choosing the scent and colour themselves. The interactive afternoon was rounded off with a racecourse: Accompanied by the Wetrok apprentices, the young people got on the cleaning machines and sped around the showroom. It was a lot of fun!

Four things are more important than a high salary
When young people are asked what matters to them in a future job, they mention the following things:

  • Personal fulfilment in their professional activity
  • A pleasant working atmosphere in their team
  • Freedom when structuring work
  • Varied content of work

This shows that salary is far from being the decisive factor when choosing a profession: instead, they consider aspects that are vital for long-term quality of life, health and a well-adjusted work-life balance.